January 14, 2019
Dear friends,

Since the new year, I have had some time and space to reflect on some of the amazing, hard, sad, incredible, beautiful, exciting changes that I have gone through in the past few years. Two years ago I started a new yoga program, called Two Trees Yoga. It was a powerful moment in my life, when I felt many parts of me come together in a clear, beautiful way. 

Two years later, I need a break.

I am giving myself permission to take a few steps back. To reorganize my time. To be thoughtful and intentional about my teaching. 

So, effective this week, I will no longer be teaching at Sacred Space. I have committed to a three to six month break from teaching. This will give me time to pause and reflect, to take some yoga classes (!), to think about how and where I want to teach, and to make a plan.

I remain thankful to each student who has walked through my door. I know it's a well-used sentiment--but you truly have (and will continue to!) taught me so so much. 

Jai bhagwan,

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